Thursday, February 26, 2009


Everyone, especially since we rely on the internet, is an expert!
First, be careful that the Brand name is not misleading.
For example, a label name maybe, JON SMITHS’ ORGANICS
Or ORANICXS. That DOES NOT mean that the food is organic nor does it mean that it has organic ingredients.
There is NO such thing as almost organic or 50% organic.
An organic product should had a USDA ORGANIC SEAL on the package. What that means is 100% of the ingredients are organic.
Second, holistic and organic are two terms that are often combined. Holistic food/ingredients are as close to a natural state without additives and artificial enrichment or fortification.
The benefits are that it generally improves the immune system & nourishes as a whole.
Learn how to read ingredients. They are listed in descending order. Choose foods w/ a minimum of
The following ingredients BHA, BHT and ETHOXYQUIN Many people try to prepare there own food. BE CAREFUL! First there is a chance of salmonella and e.colli. Cats need a chemical called taurine this is derived from muscle meats. Dogs need B12 which again is found in meats.
The food you purchase should have the AAFCO stamp of approval. It is a standard and says “meets minimum standards and is complete & balanced”. Any kind of “meal” listed means that the meat has been rendered,
There is NO road kill or diseased meat in pet foods (period) . Since the pet food scare a year or two ago, quality has been amped up and that is why prices have climbed high!
NOT all dog / cat food is made by the company that has its’ name on the bag. It may be farmed out / made by a larger company but with their specifications. OKAY, your friend / Vet tech / Groomer / Trainer has sworn by the results of this NEW, FANTASTIC pet food that he/she has bought and it does wonders!!!!! Just because his/her dog has done well, it DOES NOT mean that your dog will do well and your dog may not even eat it.
Go to a store that you trust. Listen / read / try a sample. Go w/ your gut feeling. Be patient! See what works and what doesn’t !

Pet Foods that have been recalled

Tuesday, February 17, 2009




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